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Hi, my name is Kris and I'm running for City Commissioner in East Grand Rapids.

My wife Anne Marie and I moved to East several years ago as we began thinking about starting our family. Living in East Grand Rapids, we're constantly amazed at the community, and impressed by the City's infrastructure and the schools that our daughter, Maura, will experience as she grows. We love running around the Reed's Lake Trail, and walking to the businesses Gaslight Village. We enjoy seeing movies in John Collins Park and find inspiration from the view while working in the Library. East Grand Rapids truly is a magical place to live.

I've spent years as an education leader and advocate.  Now, I'm running for City Commissioner to represent the interests of this vibrant community. I will listen, decide and vote on each issue before the Commission, and push to not only maintain our tradition of excellence, but ensure it will be here for years to come in changing tides. Here are some of of my areas of focus:

Schools. East Grand Rapids has incredible schools. But incredible schools take incredible support from the community. I believe that we can strengthen the relationship between the schools and the city, and ensure that every student is well prepared for college and career.

Safety. Keeping East Grand Rapids safe is a top priority, and supporting EGR Public Safety means we'll keep our community walkable, approachable, and safe for our families and friends.

Parks. We have some amazing green spaces here in our community. Ensuring that they remain green, and protecting them from dangers must be a priority in our city. As parks age, it's important to keep them safe and modern. I'll push for increasing awareness of the park systems, and improving our parks to meet the needs of our City.

Gaslight Village. Gaslight Village is a gem for our community and serves as the centerpiece of many evenings. Recent concerns about parking and lower traffic have some businesses concerned. I'll push for a stronger support of businesses from the city and push back against changes that make it harder to spend time in Gaslight.

Transparency. Our city leadership needs to be committed to openness and transparency in governance. I'll hold listening sessions on a regular basis to hear from all East Grand Rapids citizens about their pressing issues and concerns. I'll push for live broadcasting of City Commission meetings and a modernization of our City Ordinance system so that everyone can readily find the information they need to understand the city's rules and regulations.

I'm proud to use my skills and unique perspective to advocate for everyone in our community and ensure our brightest future. I'm involved in the community through the EGR Legislative Parent Teacher Organization Group and on the board of the Friends of the East Grand Rapids Library. I have the support of many community leaders and neighbors - to see that list check out my Endorsements page. Reach out to them or me to find out why they support my candidacy.

If you'd like learn more, please reach out at I'd be glad to share more about what I would bring to the City Commission.

Whether on Election Day, or through Early and Absentee VotingI'd be honored to receive your vote this November 5 for Ward One City Commissioner.

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