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Transparent, accessible, dedicated

I'm running for County Commission because I believe in a dynamic and welcoming Kent County that is for everyone. My background as an educator, my two small kids, my time as a city commissioner, and my collaborative vision of the future make me certain that I will serve the new 19th district well.

As your next commissioner, I'll focus on supporting and expanding early childhood supports, protecting women's health, promoting prosperity for all, and ensuring a clean environment and sustainable future.

If elected, here’s what you’ll get from me as a County Commissioner:

  • A transparent and accessible commissioner, who strives to answer every constituent question;

  • A supporter of electing Democrats at all levels, from school boards, city commissions and mayorships, up to the top of the ticket;

  • A commissioner who stands up for what’s right and makes my voice heard publicly even when it’s things we can’t directly impact. I believe that silence only works to perpetuate inequities and impacts our most vulnerable populations most;

  • A commissioner who will fight endlessly in support of reproductive rights and access to health care. I’m the only candidate endorsed by both the Planned Parenthood Advocates of Michigan as a Sexual & Reproductive Health Champion, and the Progressive Women’s Alliance of West Michigan PAC;

  • A commissioner who will look for innovative and progressive solutions to those problems that plague us most, relying on the experts and those on the front line for perspective. I'm endorsed by 314 Action Fund as a science educator and I trust those with the most expertise to help us make policy decisions.

I'd be honored to earn your vote in the Democratic primary on August 2, or early by absentee vote

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Early Childhood

  • Support the renewal of our unique Ready by 5 investment in young kids and their parents

  • Ensure all kids are kindergarten-ready by expanding access to early childhood development and education opportunities

Protect Women's Health

  • We Won't Go Back: I'll advocate tirelessly for choice and reproductive health services, even if Roe is overturned

  • Support expanded health care access for marginalized and underserved communities

Prosperity for All

  • Invest federal COVID relief funds to benefit families, grow jobs, and fix aging infrastructure

  • Address the housing crisis by working as a system, and clean up toxic lead in paint, windows, and water

A Clean and Sustainable Future

  • Improve access to recycling throughout the county and support waste management innovation at the Sustainable Business Park

  • Hold polluters accountable when they cause environmental damage like PFAS contamination

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Never before a district

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